Paul Crenshaw & Okla Elliott
Special Nonfiction Issue


David Kirby
photos by Barbara Hamby

Who Made That Wooden Horse, and What’s It Doing on Our Beach?
What Greece Needs Now

ESSAYS Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams Letter to Laurena
  Amy Gigi Alexander From Lost to Loved in Bihar
  Robert Cowan Close Call With Siberian Kick-boxers
  Michael Gills Eternally Yours
  Graham Guest

What I Know about My Mother

What I Don't Know about My Mother

  Greg Hlavaty A Quiet Fighter
  Michael Karl (Ritchie) Four Letters
  Christian Sorace Red Memory
POEMS Nancy P. Davenport Chianti
  Gary Fincke Quagmire
  Janet Joyner Anna Greene
  Melissa King Rogers



  Ed Makowski The Sickly Child
  Michael Meyerhofer

No Oasis

  Seth Michelson

White Privilege: A Manifesto

Trilingual Queer Love Song: A


Joseph Mills

The Neighbors Talk About Our Adoption
  Joshua Preston            Orville Wright and the Bomb
  David R. Slavitt Restoration
  P. J. Williams Totally Undone but Singing
TRANSLATION Efraín Bartolomé
translated by Kevin Brown
An excerpt from Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from Chiapas
HYBRID Vincent Czyz

A Tour of Ancient Lykia (A Letter Sent to Albert Goldbarth)

  Siddhartha Sebastian Larsson Nonfiction Fiction


Michael Ennis My Second Favorite Writer Just Died: Elmore Leonard, Philip K. Dick, and the Weird Justice of Genre
  Richard Kostelanetz The Search for Conceptual Writing in Dworkin and Goldsmith's Against Expression
  Carol Smallwood Style in John Galsworthy's The Patrician
  Tony Whedon On the Move with Neil Shepard's Vermont Exit Ramps
Sarah Katharina Kayß www.sarahkatharinakayss.com